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Oct 13, 2020

SKECHERS and Mew-Suppasit launches special collection “ Mew Collection: The Moon is Beautiful

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KUALA LUMPUR, 14 October 2020 - Footwear brand SKECHERS has launched a special collection in collaboration with Mew-Suppasit Jongcheveevat, SKECHERS Thailand’s Brand Ambassador. Malaysian fans of the Thai actor can now get their hands on the much-anticipated “Mew Collection : The Moon Is Beautiful” exclusively on Shopee from 15 October 2020. 

The Mew Collection : The Moon Is Beautiful consists of caps, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, pants and bags, and comes in 4 different colours - black, yellow, white and grey, for customers to mix and match into several different styles. SKECHERS Thailand Brand Ambassador Mew-Suppasit not only conceptualised the idea but also selected the colour scheme and designed the logo of the entire collection. 

Mew-Suppasit JongcheveevatSKECHERS Thailand’s Brand Ambassador said, “It was very exciting to be working with SKECHERS in creating this new line of collection, especially knowing that it will be featured in many Asian countries. I felt the need to ensure the design was suitable for different groups of people, but at the same time conveys the meaning behind the designs. I came up with ‘The Moon is Beautiful’, a Japanese belief of sending love through the moon as my inspiration in hopes of spreading my love and goodwill to customers and fans.”

The Mew Collection : The Moon is Beautiful takes inspiration froman ancient Japanese tale revolving around the confession of love through the moon. The saying “the moon is beautiful'' is another expression of “I love you”. Therefore, the collection’s logo is designed with the letter “M'' to represent both the ‘Moon’ as well as ‘Mew’. The connecting circle lines represent the moon, conveying love and relationship, along with an infinity symbol that resembles two moons together as part of the collection’s elements.

SKECHERS “Mew Collection : The Moon is Beautiful” will be available exclusively on SKECHERS Malaysia Official Store on Shopee from 15 October 2020 at

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AzianKhalil said...

Jenama skechers ni mmg sedap dipakai. Tak rugi beli

Atie Zieya said...

is this paid article???
i am a big fan of mew and nak cari kwn for fangirlin lol

LampuHijau said...

The inspiration made me speechless. 😁

Sha Mohamed said...

lawa kasutnya..

Farrah MF said...

‘The moon is beautiful.’ 😊

Cuya said...

Tak pernah try..mcm menarik